Chriss Anglin

actor • writer • director



The Levin Agency | 8484 Wilshire Blvd. #750 | Beverly Hills, CA 90211 | 323-653-7073

Hair: Blonde
Eyes:  Blue
Hgt: 5’10”
Wgt: 185 


An American Carol John F. Kennedy David Zucker
To The Wall Arresting Officer Carey Scott
One In The Gun  Art Collector Rolfe Kanefsky
Sex And The USA  Elle’s Dad Casual Productions
Ventful Don Satori Snow
Family of Four Cop 1  John Suits
Dead Men Walking Sweeney Peter Mervis
The Naked Run Bill Clinton Vincent Foster
Amerasian 2 Gator Umpire Roger Lim
The Stolen Moments of September Patrolman T.A. Williams
The Commission Sam/Lead Leigh Scott
Holla Dr.Stone H.M. Coakley
Pirates ofTreasure Island Captain.Flint Leigh Scott
When A Killer Calls Mr. Walker  Peter Mervis
November 2nd Deputy Alliance Entertainment
Dracula’s Curse Nebraska Leigh Scott
Confessions of a Pit Fighter Guard Art Camacho
King of the Lost World King Olo  Leigh Scott
The Parallel Mr. Valentine  Jack Piandaryan


The O. C. Co-Star FOX
Aliens Gone Wild MI-6 AgentTaylor HBO
Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty Principal  Oxygen
GeneralHospital Crylium Doctor ABC
General Hospital Sonny’s Body Guard ABC
Days Of Our Lives Cop NBC
Untold Stories of the ER Guest-Star Discovery Channel
Reasonable Doubt Principal Discovery Channel

Stage: (partial)

Wait Until Dark Mike Talman Theater Ensemble Arts
Dreams & Drill Bits Frank Kirtland Sandstone Productions
After The Beep All Male Roles San JuanCollegeTraveling Troupe
Training: Training: Training:
Theater San JuanCollege Farmington, NM
Improvisation Second City Conservatory Los Angeles,CA
Scene Study Stephen Snyder/Leo Ross Hollywood, CA

Special Skills and Hobbies:

U.S. Army/Paratrooper;  Certified Police Officer;  Precision Driver; Police Technical Advisor; Firearms Expert;  Martial Arts Training;  S.W.A.T. Trained;  D.E.A. Certified Narcotics Detective; Certified 911 Dispatcher;   First Aid & CPR Certified;  I.F.P.A. Certified Personal Fitness Trainer;  Licensed in Securities and Insurance Sales;  Experienced Carpenter/Painter;  Accents & Voice Characterizations including Irish, English (Aristocratic & Cockney), Australian, Southern & New England;  Comic/Cartoon Voices usually created for a particular character;  Very Athletic in all Sports;  Baseball, Football, basketball and golf; fishing and boating;  Outdoor Survival techniques;  motorcycles and horseback riding;

Have Valid Passport/Willing To Travel